The long-overdue adieu

Posted in London by Kaity Chua on April 4, 2011

125 days have passed since my last post.

115 days have trudged on since I bid a tearful goodbye to the city that dazzled, twirled and captured my heart.

At the same time, today is the 115th day that I’ve been going through life carrying the heavy, dismal realization that the best times of my life have been lived. Sprawled on the floor, I ask myself, where do I go from here?

I don’t know, really.

All I know is that I’ll always have London. Knowing that is comforting enough. That city was good to me. Too good, in fact.  Now, I’m just one amongst millions of its fleeting paramours that just can’t move on.

It’s okay though. Only for you, London, will I continuously be a lovesick fool.