No flashlights. Only explosions.

Posted in Exploration, London by Kaity Chua on September 18, 2010

Heaven knows how many times I’ve crossed paths with wobbly, stumbling people taking sips or massively downing a bottle of wine or a half-empty can of beer in the cold, cold streets of London. And only heaven knows how many times I’ve judged these inebriated individuals. But I admit, I am a hypocrite because some days ago, I was one of these soused-up street stumblers. I have a very plausible excuse for such bad behavior though: Fireworks!

To culminate the Thames Festival, a fireworks show illuminated the night skies of London. What’s a better time than any to open a bottle of rosé and drink to that fine spectacle in the sky?

Ah yes. Drinking wine from dixie cups. Classeh.

And now, I have to bid you farewell because everything is starting to look like this:

This 15-hour marathon hangover has to end! Goodnight.

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