Hyperreal Horticulture

Posted in Exploration, London by Kaity Chua on September 21, 2010

I never really gave flowers a second-thought. Yes, they are nice to look at, lovely to smell, and even better to receive but eventually, they wilt, wither, then are tossed into the waste. Call me unromantic but that’s what I think.

And then I walked into Joana Vasconcelos’ Garden of Eden at the Haunch of Venison. Planted in a dark, massive room is a labyrinthine garden of glowing, twinkling flowers – an artificial paradise made of optic-fiber plastic flora and fauna.

I think it’s quite intriguing how I found these eerie, fake glittering flowers more fascinating than its natural counterpart. Does it perhaps betray how much I’ve become a victim of the poisonous plasticity of this world? Maybe yes, maybe no. But maybe I was simply drawn to the magnetic twinkle of these phosphorescent posies.

This installation is really one of the most interesting I’ve seen here, by far. To give you a better idea of how surreal it was to be wandering around this garden, I made this video:

* This post is dedicated to my dear friends, Isabelle and Rick. Just because I know how both of you love, love, LOVE photographs of flowers. HAHA!