It’s almost over

Posted in Central St. Martins, London by Kaity Chua on July 29, 2010

Tomorrow is officially the last day of my first photography short course in Central St. Martins. I can’t believe two weeks have passed by so quickly. It’s not even completely over yet but I’m sure going to miss a lot of things about it such as:

1) Chris, my professor, discussing and critiquing everyone’s photos in class in a very enlightening manner.

2) Looking at photos of great photographers and knowing the story behind each of them.

3) Processing and developing my own film rolls in the dark room! (Now I know what I want this Christmas.)

4) Actually touching, using, and making this sexy beast do whatever I pleased.

5) After class hours spent in some random pub just chugging down pints of beer and talking about absolutely everything!

6) Last but not the least are the people who I’ve gotten to know in such a short period of time. It’s such a pleasant surprise to come from different backgrounds but yet, have so much in common. Hopefully, we shall see each other again in March!